In late 2019 a piece I'd written, "What To Do With Pandemic Flu?" was published in The IET.

I'm a journalist (see below) and an MA bioethicist by training. Which means I like writing about health and technology, good and bad. Utopian and Dystopian. If something is happening now or might happen in the future to change the way we think, work, feel, interact or exist - that's my beat.

I've conducted ~200 interviews with world experts in their fields, TED (et al.) conference speakers and people working in jobs/industries that required absolute anonymity.

So. Please do browse through some examples of my work across the page. If you'd like to get in touch, use this contact form.

What To Do With Pandemic Flu - A two-month investigation into pandemic disease planning and prevention written within weeks of the first reports of Covid-19.


What Will Tomorrow's Kids Make of Robot Pets? - Exploring how and why children cherish smart toys, and how the distinction between synthetic and natural is closing.

How to Live When Nobody Dies - Examining the science, ethics (and likelihood) of an ageless society.

What's Wrong With Eating People? - "Extolling the virtues of cannibalism." - A US journo who misread the article but did wonders for my Twitter.

A Shortage of Legitimate Donors Is Fuelling the Black Market Organ Trade - In a free market, who's to say what a person does with their spare kidney? Or liver, lungs, heart or cornea? Plenty of places

Brainjacking: are medical implants the next target for hackers? - We protect phones and laptops better than pacemakers and DBS implants. This must change.

Why Some Parents Choose to Have a Deaf Baby - Is deafness a culture, or a disability? Capitalised, or not?.

In the future, there will be a pill for falling in love - What would it mean to choose the people we love? Or have others choose for us?

Could 3D-printed organs be medicine’s next black market? - A cheaply grown replacement organ is better than no organ at all, right?